Magic Happens Every Day

The Sacred Well - OAK
536 Grand Avenue

Oakland, CA 94610
Sun-Fri: 12-8pm
Sat: 11am-8pm

The Sacred Well - PDX
7927 SE 13th Ave

Portland, OR 97202
Tues-Sun: 12-8pm

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Our Credo

We believe in magic. Magic is the dance of co-creation between humans and the universe. We are all powerful beings, capable of shaping our reality with a mix of intention and will.

We honor all traditions. No one holds a monopoly on the magical arts. We find inspiration from a variety of cultural and spiritual lineages, while recognizing that the true heart of magic beats a unique rhythm within each one of us.

We love our planet. We strive to create products using the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials and methods possible. These days, this is a collective work-in-progress. We’ll continue seeking “greener” ways to share our magic with you, out of respect for Mother Earth, the source of all our creations.

We value our relationships. Our customers, our suppliers, and the many creative souls who lend us their helping hands are all an integral part of our business. We’re committed to conducting fair, honest and mutually beneficial exchanges with everyone we encounter.

We revel in the mystery. We are humbled by everything we still have to learn, and all in the universe that shall remain unknowable. Our growth process is an ongoing journey, and we consider it a privilege to share that journey with you.